Effective cyber defence is a powerful enabler for your strategic objectives by securing all critical areas of digital identity and users, applications, endpoints and infrastructure.

Cyber Security Services

Effective cyber defence

VAANDU understands that secure environment is foremost service to protect the business goals and can only be achieved with end-to-end cybersecurity services. With the growth in cyber-attacks and data breaches costing business, Cyber Security is high on the strategic agenda. By putting in place proper cybersecurity assessments, we help our clients to define the right strategy and transformation program to protect sensitive data and assets. With our unique blend of proven industry experience, expert staff, personal service and vendor neutrality, VAANDU delivers best-of-breed solutions tailored to the clearly defined, individual needs of our clients.

Policy Development

VAANDU helps companies develop new security policies to fit business requirements or updates existing security policies to cover changing business realities. Cyber Security policy is a roadmap to any organization for decision-making and defining safety practices. Complying with the policy guarantees a company's commitment to maintaining a high level of security. We provide end-to-end Cyber Security Services help organizations take a proactive approach to ensure that they stay secure in cyberspace and adopt a robust Cyber Security solutions strategy. Even a short disruption to the company’s network translates to significant financial damage that can run into millions of dollars and put an organization’s security at risk. Companies need a thorough disaster recovery plan to rebound quickly from any suspension in service, regardless of its nature or cause. VAANDU develops customized Incident Response Plans for its customers, with detailed recovery procedures.

Security Assessment

VAANDU expert panel conduct a prime survey of the IT infrastructure to include servers, hubs, routers, workstations and any other related network-connected devices. We help out clients analyse their inherent risk and cybersecurity maturity levels by integrates with the other solution sets to improve inefficiencies and accuracy of the assessment. Our Customized solutions is designed in such a way so that it can collaborate internally to assess their risk and access robust reporting and also it helps in identifying the next steps for improving cybersecurity throughout entire organization.

VAANDU experienced auditors analyse individual applications, as well as scripts and code, seeking potential security vulnerabilities. Applications are examined for vulnerabilities that may arise during development, operation, configuration or use.

VAANDU Vulnerability Assessment helps clients identify points of failure in IT applications, networks and security policies to assure that security is implemented properly and functions as intended. Behaving as hackers would, VAANDU experts attempt to penetrate database servers, application servers, Web servers, file servers, mail servers and other critical IT assets via dial-up connections, intranets, extranets and other points of access. VAANDU offers a variety of assessment services to meet specific needs.

Code Review

Provide and Implement an open source identity, access management and Secure Single Sign On (SSO) solutions that securely and centrallVAANDU conducts code reviews of discrete applications to verify stated functionalities for both developers and clients. The code review includes inspection of high- and low-level design documents, as well as functional specifications describing functionality of the product. In addition, programming code is reviewed for specific weaknesses, such as buffer overflows and boundary checks. The result of the review is a report describing the security code inspection, and if applicable, methods and/or measures to be taken to address code weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

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