Intelligent Meters (IMs) with two way communication systems for electricity (single and poly phase), gas and water utilities. IMs can particiapte in Demand Response programs

Vaandu’s Intelligent Meters (IMs) are available for electricity (single and poly phase), gas and water utilities. All meters have built in two way communication systems to communicate with the meter data warehouse (MDW).

IMs communicate with the MDW via encrypted secure networks and send consumption and power quality data. They can also send pertinent power quality information such as voltage, peak usages and other information.

IMs have in-built capacity to participate in Demand Response (DR) programs via their remote shut-off and regulation features. IMs can also receive notification of DR signals and respond based on pre-defined schedules*.

Vaandu’s IMs are designed to work under conditions of high security to ensure that the customer’s data is held private. The security is achieved by encryption at both meter and server ends to maximise security. Physical security is achieved using tamper sensing devices that can send a notification of tamper to the utility and the customer.

* Demand Response notifications and usage regulation is available via the MyMeter portal.

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